1. Revitalization 9200 Parc Avenue

    Revitalization 9200 Parc Avenue

    Address: 9200 Avenue du Parc, Montréal, QC H2N 1Z4 Building area: 389,748 sq.ft.   This space at 9200 du Parc has served for office, industrial and commercial use for many years. Olymbec has embarked on a large project to renovate the entirety of the building to better suit tenants’ needs since (…)

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  2. Dorel - Loyal Tenant for Over 20 Years

    Dorel - Loyal Tenant for Over 20 Years

    Dorel has been a trusted Olymbec tenant since 1998 with 553,308 sq. ft. of space. Their headquarters are in Montreal, Quebec but, they are also located in twenty-five countries employing approximately 9,200 people worldwide. Dorel is a global company that operates in three distinct lines of (…)

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